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This McDonalds burger changes everything: "The Big Vegan TS"


This new burger at McDonald's changes everything: The Big Vegan TS is a 100% plant-based burger - and also for meat eaters?

The new option features Garden Gourmet’s new plant-based Incredible Burger. Made from a blend of soy and wheat protein. The uncooked patty looks like a traditional raw beef patty. When cooked, it’s said to have a juicy, meaty texture similar to the Beyond Burger or the Impossible Burger.

Seems familiar?

At 17 grams of plant-based protein per patty, it has just as much protein as McDonald’s classic beef burgers. It’s cooked separately from other burgers in order to avoid contact with animal fat. A spokesperson of McDonald’s said The Big Vegan TS is one of every fourth tested product that ends up in restaurants because it delivers the flavours that customers expect from the fast-food joint.
The product's composition is not very surprising: two halves of a roll, mustard and ketchup, onions, tomato and salad are all ingredients known from a burger at the fast-food chain, along with the new Patty. The burger is most reminiscent of the Big Tasty, a classic in the McDonald's range.

Who's the vegan burger at McDonald's for?

“Believe it or not, not all vegans are coming to us now. But maybe those who are hungry.” - McDonald's knows very well who their own customers are. People who decide against animal products for ethical and environmentally conscious reasons are often likely to reject corporations like McDonald's fundamentally. Nevertheless, people who would like to eat less meat now have an option that is not quite so different from animal variants. It is more sustainable: there is hardly any food that requires more energy, land and water than meat.

For now, McDonald's considers The Big Vegan TS as a test run. It will be available in participating restaurants in Germany on the 29th of April. In the case of positive development, it cannot be ruled out that other vegan products will follow quickly.