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Crispy Tofu (Oil-free & effortless)

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Tofu - some people love it, some people hate it. However, I believe that the people who hate it just have not had it prepared in the right way yet.

These tofu chunks are crispy on the outside while maintaining a soft and meaty inside. All you need for this life-changing tofu-experience is 3 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time.

Why use nutritional yeast?

I saw a lot of recipes using corn starch to achieve a crisp outside but I could not make friends with that. Instead I came up with a more delicious and healthier option: nutritional yeast. It makes the tofu crispy on the outside and adds a ton of umami + depth of flavor to the recipe.

What can I use these chunks for?

There are endless opportunities with these tofu chunks. Add them to a curry, a wrap or just serve with rice and veggies. Get creative and share your creations with me on IG tagging @theplantnation.