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Healthy Brownies (100% WFPB)
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Healthy Brownies (100% WFPB)

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These brownies are so fudgy and delicious, I am not sure if people will believe you that only unprocessed, whole foods are inside! They will definitely be blown away when you let them in on the secret ingredient: sweet potato.

Why add sweet potato to a brownie?

Besides being a nutritious vegetable, sweet potatoes act as an egg substitute in this recipe, helping to bind the brownies while making them moist, sweet and rich in texture.

What do they taste like?

These are the best whole foods plant-based brownies I have come up with so far. I recommend to let them cool down completely or even storing them in the fridge (I know, the temptations are real, but be patient) for a few hours/overnight before serving as it helps them to firm up. These brownies are very fudgy, so it is normal for them to stick to your knife a bit as you cut them. If you prefer a less-fudgy brownie, I recommend adding a bit more flour to the mix to cut down on the sticky factor.